Santa Photo Party  

Pictures with Santa at the mall in many cases with a non-real bearded Santa, costs a minimum of $40.00 to $50.00. The $50.00 package in most cases include a couple 5 x7’s or a 5 x7 and two wallet size pictures. It is what they can fit on a single 8 x 11 sheet of photo paper in their printer. And that’s what you get, just the pictures. Plus you have to make an appointment or stand in a long line. 
Most camera phones take pictures just as good, if not better than the mall cameras, and people own printers that print much better than mall printers.
So, what if YOU could have Santa come to your home, with your family and friends, and you could take your own Santa photos? If you own a business, have a Santa photo party for your employees at your place of business to add Christmas cheer to your workplace. You will have Santa for YOUR scheduled time to take as many pictures as you want.
You can decide how your pictures are arranged. You might want pictures with just the kids and Santa, family pictures with Santa, grandparent with their grandkids and Santa, best friend pictures, some want pictures in their matching pajamas, with fur babies, etc. And here is the big plus – you’re using your camera so you have all the pictures. Some people decide to hire their own photographer for their party. So now you can make Christmas cards with the photos, have a large print made of the picture you love most, print small pictures to hang on your tree, email them to family, and the list can go on with many great ideas because now you have all the pictures, versus just a printed copy of a single pose picture.

From kittens to cows, we can also make arrangements to include your furry family members in the Christmas pictures. Try taking your horse to the mall for a Christmas photo with Santa. Arrangements need to be made in advance for your furry family members to be included.
If you have several families sharing the cost of the party, everybody is getting their pictures at less cost than going to the mall, and you will have more than just a couple of pictures. No fighting traffic and large crowds at the mall, and standing in lines waiting to see Santa. Here Santa comes to your house. Santa actually gets to talk with each child individually to hear their Christmas wishes. Don’t fight traffic to and from the mall, stand in lines, and have no choice of how you want your Santa pictures.

Santa can enter the room with a big surprise Ho Ho Ho.
Several families can share in the cost.
Santa comes to you versus you having to pack the family up to go to the mall.
No mall lines.
Real bearded Santa.
Use your own camera (most new camera phones are fantastic). 
You will have a large variety of photo’s that you will not get at any mall. 
You can take a lot of pictures in a one hour time period with Santa. Grandkids with Grandparents and Santa, and the list can go on of many combinations, even in your cute Christmas PJ's. You’re not going to get that at the mall.
Additional time can be arranged if needed.


Santa Photo Parties are scheduled on certain dates starting as early as the last couple weeks of October. Some may feel October or the first of November is too early for the kids to visit Santa, but an early visit allows you to enjoy and share your pictures for the entire months of November and December and have time to order Christmas cards, etc.
Santa can tell the kids that he has made a special trip from the North Pole to make sure their Christmas wishes are known early and the kids are always happy to get their list to Santa early. It might help with Christmas shopping, too.
Currently Santa Photo Parties can be scheduled any time during:
The last two weeks of October (Oct 15th to 31st)
November 1st to 3rd
November 6th to 10th
Dec 4th to 7th
Dec 11th to 14th
If you need to schedule a Santa Photo Party outside of these dates, please email, text, or call us. 


Below are pictures from a Santa Photo Party. You just don't get pictures like this from a mall or Santa amusement park.