You're never too old to learn

In 2018, we attended one of the best schools in the Santa world and received our bachelor's degree in Santa Clausology.
Later on in 2020, we continued our studies and received our masters degree.

Making the moment on-line training was a lot of fun and very educational

In October 2021, we had the opportunity to attend the Morgan's Wonderland Inclusive Santa Training for Kids with Special needs. The training was fabulous and we learned so much.

Morgan's Wonderland is an awesome park located in San Antonio, Texas where those with and without disabilities can come together for fun and create a better understanding of one another. Morgan's Wonderland not only employs people with special needs, but also provides a really fun amusement park specifically designed for those with special needs.
The training we received was first class and will help us provide a great Christmas experience for kids with special needs. 
The park operates on donations received from individuals and businesses. Check out the park and what they are doing.  Santa and Mrs. Claus believe you will be very impressed. 

Both of us have taken and believe in the Santa Claus Oath